TeleRobotic Surgery
Leadership Council


The TeleRobotic Surgery Leadership Council is Committed to:

  • Improve patient care
  • Expand access to high-quality therapy
  • Enhance physician education, safety, and efficiency

Remote Clinical and Technical Procedure Support by Industry

  • Receive support without increasing viral transmission risk
  • Allows continued education on new technologies and techniques

Remote Peer-to-Peer Support, Training, and Proctoring

  • Build collaborative network of physicians supporting each other in complex cases
  • Improve training and oversight of fellows/peers from outside the lab
  • Allow peer-to-peer procedure observations without travel (TeleRobotic site visits)

Remote Procedure Navigation


  • Increased access to high-quality care in under-served communities
  • Leverage highly skilled physicians beyond geographic limitations

Inaugural Virtual Symposium

The inaugural symposium of the TeleRobotic Surgery Leadership Council took place on June 20, 2020. This pioneering event featured live TeleRobotic procedures between two physicians separated by over 1700km. The symposium also included lively panel discussions of the capabilities, benefits, challenges and considerations for live remote support and live intra-operative physician collaboration. Discussions also explored the value, potential, and practical paths to progress of long-distance remote procedures and the challenges and considerations for broader use.

Watch a recording of the event